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What Does Your Calendar Look Like?

It is easy be so busy with God's work and helping people that we neglect own intimacy with Christ and miss out on the soul rest and peace that we need! And when we are not resting and trusting in God’s love for us, we will not be able to share his love effectively with others.

In honor of October’s Pastor appreciation month ---and all ministry leaders are pastors/spiritual leaders of the people God brings them---- I want to share with you "Rest" written by William C. Martin


If you fill your calendar with important appointments you will have no time for God. If you fill your spare time with essential reading you will starve your soul. If you fill your mind with worry about budgets and offerings, the pains in your chest and the ache in your shoulders will betray you. If you try to conform to the expectations of those around you you will forever be their slave.

Work a modest day then step back and rest. This will keep you close to God.

What Does Your Calendar Look Like?

Before God's rest gets in our soul, it has to be in our daily schedules.

Martin concludes his thoughts on rest with this observation:

"One of the first things I look at when I begin spiritual direction with a pastor is his or her daily planner. It reveals volumes about that pastor's spiritual condition, values, fears, and ambitions. It tells me who their bosses are, who their lover is, and how much value they place on their soul. If you're working more than 50 hours a week, you're not doing it for God, no matter how eloquent your rationalizations.

Take a long, prayerful, meditative look at your calendar. Who are you trying to impress? God? The congregation or board? Yourself?

Now cut some big chunks out of each week for family, rest, meditation, prayer, and flower sniffing. When you've done that we'll talk more about the path to God."

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