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Beth is available to lead retreats for your ministry team or small group. 

Beth is passionate about helping people enjoy God and live out of a full soul. She is a certified Life Coach with Christian Coaches Institute and Spiritual Director, trained at the School of Sustainable Faith. She has been coaching and mentoring for over 35 years as a licensed minister, pastoral counselor, and retreat leader, also serving as the Area Director with Mission Increase Atlanta.

Some of Beth's favorite resources are:

Friends and Kind Words

 “Through our 24-hour silent retreat and exploration of sacred practices that EXHALE has guided us through and provided direction on, our team has not only grown closer together, but we are more keenly aware of where God is leading us and what we are called to do. It has literally been a game changer, and we are so very thankful!”

Suzy Gray Director of Publishing & Broadcast, Your Move, North Point Ministries


“I have had the privilege of attending two guided silent retreats. Prior to participating with Beth and EXHALE, I had never been on a silent retreat and was not sure what to expect. After my experience, I am hooked! I received more clarity on issues I was discerning and spiritual revelation through God's Word than any other retreat or conference I have ever attended. Both retreats provided the perfect balance of time alone with God and time with others. EXHALE set the foundation and provided guidance for us to hear God's voice in an intimate way as we became quiet and still in the peaceful setting of Ignatius House Retreat Center. I can't wait to do another one! I highly recommend EXHALE’S retreats for anyone seeking a time of refreshment and intimacy with Jesus.”

Emily Fitchpatrick, Founder, Flagship Equip


“I have been on a retreat led with Beth and EXHALE. Their calm and quiet spirit are a calming presence in these spaces. EXHALE’S personal examples of living in the secret and quiet places with Jesus cultivate a want to in your own soul to follow. I always make sure to sign up for a retreat that EXHALE is leading.”

Joy Chambley, Moms with Swords


“As an Enneagram 7, at times I can struggle with being ‘present’ in my relationships and my work. My mind has an unconscious drift towards the future. Thankfully, Beth has been a friend and spiritual director who has helped me learn the art of willfully entering into both silence and solitude as a best practice towards staying grounded and in the moment. Thank you!”

Jeff Earnhardt, North Point Ministries


“My EXHALE retreat was a pivotal turning point in my journey to the place of rest and congruency in my spirit, soul and body. I will never forget sitting for an hour in silence before the life outside turned inward and the Holy Spirit began to speak to the places I avoid. It’s amazing what happens in solitude that can accelerate healing in the places we pretend aren’t there.”

Rachel Faulkner Brown, Be Still Ministries

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