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Dear Ministry Leader,


The ministry you lead will not grow beyond you.

In fact, how you grow as a leader and care for your soul may determine your ministry effectiveness. It’s not selfish; it’s necessary. 

For your ministry to be all God wants it to be, you have to start with your own spiritual life. Too many leaders run on empty all in the name of helping others.  That’s not a recipe for success; that’s a recipe for burnout. 

The resources below are provided to help you beat burnout and develop and personal growth plan to hold you accountable. 

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Pastor Appreciation Luncheon

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Beating Burnout

Personal Soul Care Plan

Like a trellis that supports a vine, a personal soul care plan will give you the support you need to grow as a  person and leader.  By intentionally crafting a set of habits to guide your life, you grow spiritually, relationally , emotionally and physically.

There are five parts to your personal soul care plan:

  • Spiritual Growth: How and when will you detach from the performance track and make space to be with God and enjoy Him?

  • Relational Growth: How will you prioritize your family, friends, and community, surrounding yourself with people that fill you?

  • Physical Growth: How will you practice a rhythm of self care  and intentional rest? 

  • Financial Growth: How will you personally practice simplicity, generosity and living with margin? 

  • Missional Growth: How will you leverage your life to serve others in a healthy way, being kind to yourself and being true to what your soul longs for?  

Additional Resources

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