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Enneagram and Fundraising

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

In order to lighten up the Year End Fundraising push that many organizations feel this time of year, I thought I'd have some fun with the Enneagram and link it with the very real "inner war" we ALL experience in raising funds for the causes we love.

Type 1—Your reforming energy is contagious. Trust your instincts and be bold in asking others to join you in changing the world. You are not bad for asking.

Type 2—Use your helper’s heart to stay focused in fundraising, instead of spreading yourself too thin in other parts of the organization for fear of what people will think.

Type 3—Resist the urge to gain your value from the amount of $ you raise. A “no” is many times a slow “yes”. Remember fundraising is slow, methodological work.

Type 4---Your desire to stand out among the crowd of good causes will serve you well. Hone in on the key distinctive of your organization when asking.

Type 5—"Over preparation” and” ready… aim,aim” will not raise money. Go to the gut triad and risk asking.

Type 6—Donors will appreciate your realistic, no hype approach, but don’t be afraid to ask big. They may even add a “0” when they hear the intended impact of the gift.

Type 7—Everybody’s ask is nobody’s ask. Spend time getting to know individual people’s passions and grow them in the cause.

Type 8—If they feel respect in the fundraising appointment, 8’s are not bothered by a “no”.

Type 9----Hold yourself accountable to a set number of fundraising appointments/week. Donors will love your easy-going style so be ready to tell them what you need and how they can benefit from it.

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