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A Love Too Good to Be True?

Just as the weaned child on its mother’s breast seeks no physical nourishment but enjoys the riches of unspoken love given and received (Ps 131), so the soul in quiet adoration lays its head against the heart of Love and absorbs all that Love yearns to bestow. This Love draws out what is truest and best in all it touches. John S. Mogabgab

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, I wonder how many of us really feel loved?

We are supposed to show acts of kindness and affection to those that are close to us—friends, family, lovers---and get wrapped up in all sorts of activity doing just that….but if we are honest, when the dust settles on the heart-shaped box of chocolates, why do so many of us lack the confidence that we are deeply loved, held, delighted in?

Imagine laying your head against the heart of Love (God). What does God yearn to give you? Accept God’s good graciousness as a soft cloth pad when wounded. Take hold of Love and press God against your unhealthy self, just as you are.

Prayer is being loved on a deep, sweet level. I hope you have felt such intimacy from God. I promise you it’s available to you. Maybe a lot of us just need to be told that it is what we should expect and seek. We are afraid to ask, afraid to seek. It feels presumptuous. We can’t trust that such a love exists, but it does.” Richard Rohr

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