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The Disarming Way of Jesus

“We are so used to spiritually mediocre days—days lived in irritation, fear, self- preoccupation and frenzy”. John Ortberg

How can a Christ follower “do” all of the “right” things yet be woefully stuck in sadness, feeling cut off from love, distant from God?

Maybe it is because we are following God’s rules and not His way. I am reading the Bible more like a biography these days and it has been transformational. I have been looking at the way Jesus lived, not so much what he did (although that was amazing).

His way seems to be disarmingly easy! I don’t see Jesus striving in His effort to please God or people or to change the world. He actually lived in a village of about 200 people for 90% of his life. When I say “easy” this is not to confuse with “not costly”. The way of Jesus will cost you something, but not going this way will cost you a whole lot more.

Adjusting to His way will be countercultural. But it will be an adjustment your heart will thank you for eventually! It will probably involve more time alone, more time outside, away from screens and online shopping and trying to keep the image up.

Jesus’ way of life was centered around being connected… to the love of His Father, to people He lived with, to His own desires. He made space in his days to have fun with people He enjoyed, walked away from ministry opportunities when He needed rest, and made time to just be with the Father.

Let’s follow in His way! And transition from the driven life to the received life.

A life that receives is a life that is humble, willing to ask for what it needs to thrive. Which usually has something to do with connection that heals the pain and less activity that covers it up.

So I ask myself---What type of practices can I intentionally build into my life that help me feel attached to God’s love? One slow day a week. Plenty of time in the morning to meditate in God’s word and journal. Walking outside. Being in a community that practices the way of Jesus together. Naming my feelings and experiences with God and a friend in spiritual direction.

Remember—these are not rules, but invitations to walk light and easy like Jesus walked! Check out the template for your Personal Soul Care Plan under the Ministry Leaders tab of my website.

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