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Practice Slowing

“In an age of speed nothing could be more invigorating than going slow.” Pico Iyer “A tribulation filled world will always tend to take our joy and liveliness away.” John Ortberg Jesus was intimately acquainted with this hard world along with all the fear and emotional pain that comes with it. He was also real about what He needed to infuse life and joy back into Him! I am seeing a connection between His slow pace and the joy it produced. He arranged his days so that the activities that produced deep contentment and joy for Him actually happened. Time alone enjoying the love of the Father. Being with friends. Playing with children. Having fun at parties. Deep 1-1 conversations. Nature. Community. Corporate worship.

Let’s not miss this: Jesus was self-aware and honest about what He, as a human, enjoyed and made space for it. Then why do we resist this “slowing” with its motto—"Slow down your body, Slow down your soul?" Bill Gaultiere suggests: "To live in a slow, unhurried manner is not just about the speed at which we’re moving, it’s more about our attitude. Hurry is a symptom of exaggerated self-importance and trying to do too much." Sounds like slowing could be a remedy for our pride. How can we be trained in this slow pace of Jesus? Here are some slowing practices I am trying during Lent and finding more joy . . . slowly 😊

  • Drive the speed limit and get into the slow lane.

  • Come to a full stop at stop signs.

  • Show up 10 minutes early for an appointment (without looking at your phone). Be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to how you feel.

  • Get into the longest line at the grocery store (without looking at the dreaded phone) and be fully present with the cashier.

  • Start your mornings slow, spending time filling your soul with God, savoring a hot drink (again, before you look at your phone).

  • Or maybe deleting a few things--TV, social media, time online.

Will you try a few and see what it does to your soul? BETH P.S. This book by John Mark Comer is amazing and where I got some of these idea

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