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Jesus is Happy to be With You

“I am so happy with what I have made in you.” Prov 8:31

What feelings arise in you as you look at this image of Jesus creating an atmosphere of joy at a wedding (John 2:1-11)?

Is this too good to be true? Is there a view or narrative of God that keeps you from deeply enjoying Him and feeling God’s enjoyment of you? What water in your life do you long for Jesus to turn to wine and gladness?

Here are a few things I notice –

· Jesus is waiting for the invitation to infuse joy into our lives when the joy of the world runs out and fades away. He accepted Mary’s invitation. “They have no wine, can’t you do something about it?” (John 2:3) The heart cry of Mary is the heart cry of people close to Jesus today---"Please Jesus, do something about your people who are stuck in a joy-less relationship with God.”

· Joy is based on relational attachment. We attach to the one who feeds us. We attach with someone who is delighted to be with us. Salvation is a new attachment to God. “God, you find so much beauty in your people! They are like lovely sanctuaries of your presence. Deep within me are these lovesick longings, desires and daydreams of living in union with you.” (Ps 84:1,2)

· Of all the ways Jesus could have unveiled His power that day at the wedding, He chose to do it in a complete “one-eighty” of what a religious mindset would expect! He turned a scarce, dutiful, stuffy way of seeing God into an absolute abundant party!

I encourage you to sit with Jesus in this visual contemplation a few times this week, allowing the re-wiring of your brain, feeling Him relate to you with delight and joy!

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