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A Morning Coffee Ritual

Ritual of Morning Coffee

Meet me, O Christ,

in this stillness of morning.

Move me, O Spirit,

to quiet my heart.

Mend me, O Father,

from yesterday’s harms.

From the discords of yesterday,

resurrect my peace.

From the discouragements of yesterday,

resurrect my hope.

From the weariness of yesterday,

resurrect my strength.

From the doubts of yesterday,

resurrect my faith.

From the wounds of yesterday,

resurrect my love.

Let me enter this new day, aware of my need and desire,

and awake to your grace, O Lord. Amen

Douglas McKelvey

In response to this prayer, ask:

1. How do I come today? There is no right answer so no judging, analyzing, or criticizing. God wants to be with you just as you are.

2. What do I desire? What do you most want as you come to be with God? Write down your desire in 1-2 sentences. God loves to hear your truest desires so be honest.

3. What was the message you received as a child about your needs and desires? How were you made to feel about them?

4. Read Mark 10:46-52 two or three times and notice what engages you. How did you experience God? How did God experience you?

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